10 luglio 2011

Gris - Chapter II - Belgium

Author: Mademoiselle G* (click here)


Brussels, Belgium

Well, as we know this, bears sleep during winter. But I had to say that for this year, I haven’t that much time to rest. I was quickly woken up by Mademoiselle G* who wanted to show me the city of Brussels! Born in the small town of Mirabel in Canada’s area of Montreal (maybe I’ll go take a peek there soon!) , she has lived in Brussels for five years where she made her studies. My visit was the occasion to share with me a little bit of her new hometown spirit and also the Belgian culture. How sweet and funny people are Belgians! There’s always some occasion to go spend some time in one of their many bistros where beer is like a religion. I had to taste some for myself…..they even have honey beer!!

In Brussels, they also have they own little true hero. I had to stop by and say hello to this little boy. Here they call him “Manneken Pis” (means ‘Little man pee’ in Dutch). His story is very impressive and also mysterious. No one is really sure how he became a hero, but there are many legends around him. The one I heard the most was that he saved Brussels city from fire by extinguish an enemy bomb fuse with his pee hundreds of years ago! He also wears often a costume for special occasions. A very important little person for the city he is…

Wallonnie, Belgium
Ah… Brussels was fun, but I also went to the countryside in the south part of Belgium called “Wallonnie”. Walloons have sometime strange habits…They like to do in many villages during all summer, big celebrations where people walk all day with Napoleon’s era costumes on! We could ear drumming all night long… Well, it’s now time for me to go see new horizons now. I’ve loved Belgium and hope I’ll come back here to meet new friends! Where will I go next? Not sure yet. Maybe should I go to the airport and take the first flight that will leave? Or maybe take a train to North sea and say hello to shrimp and mussels fishermen near Dutch land?
For now, think I’ll take at least some rest at the beach before I start new adventures…

Greetings from Belgium!

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10 gennaio 2011

Giallo - Chapter V - Augsburg (Germany)

Author: Fredi
I must have been sleeping for a long time.. When woke up I thought to be in heaven! Everywhere I looked everthing was so white and the bright light almost hurt me in the eyes.
Then I saw many strange creatures in a landscape full of snow. I could not believe it, but there was also Santa Claus with his sleigh carrying gifts to the children.
Suddenly a girl approached.. tall, blond hair, blue eyes, she seemed to be an angel!
"Are we in heaven, am I dead?? " I asked.
"No, but you are in Germany, Santa Claus freed you from a tree in Rome and brought you to me, that I can take care of you!" explained the girl who’s name was Fredi how she told me then.
I felt sooo glad! Now I could stay with such a nice girl, who will protect me from cruel people like B. Joe. Together with Fredi and her family I spend christmas holidays full of love and happiness. Joking, laughing, eating and singing .... I had always dreamed of a christmas like that. In the following days we did a tourist tour in Augsburg (so is called the city where I was, which is the hometown of Fredi), which is one of the oldest cities of Germany in the famous region Bavaria. We also went ice skating on a frozen lake.. how brave-hearted these germans are..it was amazing!
A few days ago Fredi told me that soon we have to go to Berlin where we will have to say good-bye.. Even if I’m very sad to lose my new friend, I am very curious wich adventures are gonna go to expect me in Berlin!!!
See you soon...

03 gennaio 2011

Gris - Chapter I -

As usually I am late. At this time I should stay in Belgium but I am still here. I share a studio with 3 big bears but now it is time to go. I hope that when I will arrive in Brussels, MademoiselleG will be there. I would like to met her and maybe visit also Canada. But we don't know the future I don't want to forget the present. Thank you 3 big bears.
A big Hug.

25 dicembre 2010

Giallo - Chapter IV - Roma (Italia)

Author: BigJoe
English translation: Fede
Dopo aver vagato per la città da solo per un po’ di giorni, sono rimasto a corto di soldi, con l’ultimo pezzo da cinquanta. Mi trovavo a Garbatella, storico quartiere romano, faceva freddo ormai, il tempo era grigio, l’inverno era entrato senza chiedere il permesso. Camminando tra quelle case strane mi fermai in un bar per chiedere delle informazioni per un alloggio a buon prezzo, mi si avvicino un ragazzo alto e robusto, B.Joe, disse di chiamarsi, che con fare amichevole mi offri un caffè e mi disse che poteva ospitarmi lui per qualche notte nella sua stanza nei paraggi. Bevemmo qualche birra. Mi raccontò che per arrotondare affittava una stanza nella sua casa a turisti o studenti, in nero, come tutti a Roma. Dopo qualche ora ci incamminammo per le vie del quartiere, fatto di case particolari immerse in verdi cortili. Il freddo si trasformò in neve era molto tempo che non ne vedevo ne sentivo un po’, era compatta e fredda, accompagnata da granellini di ghiaccio. All’improvviso B.Joe mi colpì con un colpo alla nuca e cascai di faccia a terra, mentre lui mi urlava di dargli i soldi e mi scalciava in viso. Impaurito e frastornato presi tutto quello che mi era rimasto e glielo diedi, chiedendoli perché mi trattava così per pochi spiccioli, mi rispose per cattiveria solo per cattiveria, il sentimento che regge il mondo. Mi prese è mi legò ad un albero con una catena, voltò le spalle e non lo vidi più.

After wandering alone in the city for a bit 'of days, I was short of money, with a last piece of fifty euros. I was in Garbatella, an historic district of Rome. It was cold by now, the weather was gray, an suddenly winter has begun. Walking through those strange houses I stopped at a bar asking for information for a property at a good price.
It approached a tall, sturdy man, B. Joe. was his name he said, and with a friendly smile he offered me a coffee and told me I could sleep for a few nights in his room nearby. We drank a few beers.
He told me to rent a room in his house like tourists or students do, in black, as everyone in Rome. After a few hours we walked through the streets of the neighborhood, made up of private houses surrounded by green courtyards. The cold turned into snow , it was a long time since I hadn’t seen snowflakes and they were accompanied by hail of ice. Joe B. suddenly gave me a blow to the head I fell face down while he shouted to me to give him all my money and then kicked me with his feet in the face. I was frightened and bewildered and everything I had left I gave it to him, and when I asked hin, why he acts like this for a few Euros, he said out of spite, just because of spite and evilness, the sentiments that rule the world.
He took me and chained me with a string on a tree, turned around and I never saw him again….