10 gennaio 2011

Giallo - Chapter V - Augsburg (Germany)

Author: Fredi
I must have been sleeping for a long time.. When woke up I thought to be in heaven! Everywhere I looked everthing was so white and the bright light almost hurt me in the eyes.
Then I saw many strange creatures in a landscape full of snow. I could not believe it, but there was also Santa Claus with his sleigh carrying gifts to the children.
Suddenly a girl approached.. tall, blond hair, blue eyes, she seemed to be an angel!
"Are we in heaven, am I dead?? " I asked.
"No, but you are in Germany, Santa Claus freed you from a tree in Rome and brought you to me, that I can take care of you!" explained the girl who’s name was Fredi how she told me then.
I felt sooo glad! Now I could stay with such a nice girl, who will protect me from cruel people like B. Joe. Together with Fredi and her family I spend christmas holidays full of love and happiness. Joking, laughing, eating and singing .... I had always dreamed of a christmas like that. In the following days we did a tourist tour in Augsburg (so is called the city where I was, which is the hometown of Fredi), which is one of the oldest cities of Germany in the famous region Bavaria. We also went ice skating on a frozen lake.. how brave-hearted these germans are..it was amazing!
A few days ago Fredi told me that soon we have to go to Berlin where we will have to say good-bye.. Even if I’m very sad to lose my new friend, I am very curious wich adventures are gonna go to expect me in Berlin!!!
See you soon...